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School Counseling


My name is Katie Staley and I am the school counselor at Western Elementary school. My role is to support ALL students in the areas of social emotional learning, academics, and career exploration. I provide social emotional learning through evidence-based classroom lessons as well as small group and individual counseling. I support our teachers in the implementation of RULER, our district-wide social emotional learning curriculum.

My goal is to support all learners by partnering with parents and families to make our Western students' experience as positive and valuable as possible! Please feel free to reach out to me via phone, email, or parentsquare with any questions or concerns.

Here is some information about our district-wide RULER curriculum and social emotional learning:

Recognizing emotions in self and others
Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions
Labeling emotions accurately
Expressing emotions appropriately
Regulating emotions effectively


RULER is a systemic approach to SEL developed at the Center for Emotional Intelligence. RULER aims to infuse the principles of emotional intelligence into the immune system of pre-K to 12 schools, informing how leaders lead, teachers teach, students learn, and families support students.

Research shows that students who receive social emotional learning interventions perform better academically, improve in classroom behavior, develop more positive attitudes about themselves and others, and have better mental health outcomes than students who do not receive these interventions (