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School Rules

Western School promotes a proactive approach to discipline.  Through PBIS, we work to maximize academic achievement and behavioral competence.  As part of our program, we have established 5 behavioral expectations for all areas of our school.  We explicitly teach our “5 Bees” and provide multiple opportunities to practice the expectations while providing feedback from staff.  Students are expected to follow all school rules while they are on the way to and from school and school-related functions, as well as during emergency procedures.  The “5 Bees” provides a common language and common expectations for all staff and students.

Western Staff provides cues, redirection and multiple opportunities to teach students what it means to follow the “5 Bees.”   Western staff will hand out bees to students who follow the expectations.  The bees help encourage, motivate, and recognize students making good choices.

Western Expectations:

  • Be(e) Safe
  • Be(e) Peaceful
  • Be(e) Respectful
  • Be(e) Kind
  • Be(e) Cooperative
COVID Policy-Masks must be worn throughout the school day. Students will have multiple opportunities to take mask breaks throughout the day.

Bus Rules

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children while they are waiting for the bus and once they leave the bus. 
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to assure that the student is waiting at his/her designated stop on time. Should a student miss the bus, the parent must find alternate means of transporting the child to school.
  • During inclement weather, a bus driver may determine that a hill or street cannot be negotiated safely. It is the parents’ responsibility to make alternate arrangements to assure that their child arrives at school or home. 
  • The Naugatuck Schools respect the right of parents to keep their child home from school when the parent feels unsafe conditions exist. Announcements of school closings, delays in school opening, or early closings are made on local radio stations.
  • If special transportation needs are required, an application form can be obtained from the school office. Applications must be received by July 1 of each school year.

Regulations for the conduct of pupils riding on school buses:

  • The driver is in full charge of the bus and of all pupils riding therein at all times while pupils are being transported to and from school. He/she is required to enforce all rules and regulations adopted by the school authorities for the conduct of pupils riding on the bus.
  • Pupils must take a seat when they enter the bus and remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
  • Indecent or profane language, smoking, loud talking, loud radios or any illegal activities are expressly prohibited.
  • Pupils must not eat on the bus.
  • Pupils must not open bus windows without permission from the driver.
  • Pupils must not throw any object in or out of the bus.
  • Pupils must keep all personal items, including cell phones in backpacks until they arrive home. 
  • Pupils must not, at any time, extend their arms or head out of the bus window.
  • Pupils shall enter and leave the bus only at the front door except in cases of emergency.
  • Pupils must be on time and at all times cooperate in keeping the bus on schedule.
  • Pupils shall, after alighting from the bus, wait for the signal from the driver before crossing the highway, and pupils shall also look to see that traffic is halted.
  • Pupils must not stand on the traveled portion of the highway while waiting for a bus.
  • Pupils must wear masks BEFORE boarding the bus.  Masks must remain on at all times. 

Penalties for Violations

  • Parents of pupils who damage, or deface any bus shall be held liable for such damage.
  • When pupils do not observe the above rules, the driver shall report them on bus company forms to the school principal as soon as possible.
  • The matter of suspension from riding the bus shall be determined by the principal, as a last resort, after parents have been notified. This action shall be subject to review by the Superintendent.

Please Note: A bus student who will be picked up by a parent or another adult must bring a note stating that circumstance.  The adult must follow dismissal protocol and have proper ID.  If a child insists they are going home with another student or on another bus, we will attempt to call the parents to verify that.  If no one can be reached, we will send the student home via his or her usual way.

For our students’ safety and the prevention of vandalism, our school buses are equipped with video cameras.