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Western Elementary School

2018 – 2019 Parent/Student Handbook

Policies and Procedures





Each teacher has discussed school rules with his/her students.  After reviewing the school policies and procedures with your child/children, please sign and return the following 2 pages only.  Keep all other information for future reference and periodically review the Handbook with your child as the year progresses.  Thank you.


I have received a copy of the 2018-2019 Western School Handbook and have reviewed the contents.


Parent Signature: ____________________________________________________


Date: ________________________________________


Student(s) name(s): __________________________________________________





Please complete this page and return this slip only to your child’s teacher within one week.


Thank you!




 Western Elementary School

2018 – 2019 Bus Safety Student Agreement


Parents, please read & check off:

__I understand that I am responsible for the conduct of my child /children while they are waiting for the bus and once they leave the bus

__I understand it is my responsibility to assure that my child/children is waiting at his/her designated stop on time. Should my child miss the bus, it is my responsibility to find alternate means of transporting my child/children to school.

__Regulations for the conduct of pupils riding on school buses:  


Students, please read & check off:

__I understand the bus driver is in full charge of the bus and he/she is required to enforce all rules and regulations adopted by the school.

__I must take a seat when I enter the bus and remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.

__I must use respectful language while riding the bus (no profane language or loud talking)

__I must not throw any object in or out of the bus.

__I must not, at any time, extend their arms or head out of the bus window.

__I must wait for the signal from the driver before crossing the street and also look to see that traffic is halted.


Penalties for Violations

__Parents shall be held liable for damage.

__The driver shall report violations to the bus company & to the school principal.

__The principal will determine penalties such as: Providing an assigned seat or suspending a  student from riding the bus, as warranted. 


I understand the rules for riding the school bus to and from school, as well as on Field Trips  

(all students should return this signed):


  • Student Signature:____________________________________________________


  • Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________
  • Date: ________________________________________